Introduction to Family Medicine

First Aid 

Communication Skills

Research counselling

History Taking

Basic Clinical Skills

Physical Examinaiton Skills

Arts and Humanities

Multidisciplinary course: Socioeconomic and Cultural Parameters of health

Preventive services for the adult

Geriatric Syndromes and Depression

Periodic health examination

CASE: Patient with fever and rash 

An adult patient with lymphadenopathies

A patient with multiple bruises and pain (Case discussion)

Patient education in chronic diseases: asthma as an example

Approach to adult patient with persistent cough

Counseling for risky behaviors and counseling in adolescents: Smoking

Approach to dyspnea in primary care

Adult patient with chest pain: Primary care approach

Elderly patient with leg pain: Primary care approach

Dyspepsia in primary care

Headache in primary care

Adult patient with paresthesia, arthralgia and lethargia

Management of child and adult obesity

Primary prevention in elderly

CASE: Adult patient with excessive sleepiness and fatigue

Case discussion: Most common signs and symptoms of genitourinary system

Chronic diseases and sexual dysfunctions

Introduction to Contraception

Contraceptive Methods & Contraception for special groupsTalking about sexuality

Adolescent Health: Prevention and Early Detection

Klasik müzik bestecileri ve hastalıkları

Smoking Cessation

Probleme Dayalı Öğrenme Modülleri



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